lunes, 23 de enero de 2017

Day 1 - Innovative approaches to teaching - Prague

Primer día de curso. Repasamos lo que hemos aprendido en el día de hoy sobre 21st Century Skills (Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication).
Muy productivo.
1) People need to collaborate and communicate themselves.
2)Problems will be solved by critical thinking.
3)Importance of managing financial.
4)Health Literacy (how to be healthy, healthy habits).
5)Environmental literacy (how not destroy the planet, knowledge of our landscapes, to make pupils think about recycling, electricity, etc.).
6)Visual literacy (make the best use of new technologies, how to present ypur activies/CV's for a job...).
7)Critical thinking and problem solving (analyzing, managing, creating, storing, communicating information).
8)Creativity and innovation (a different direction of things).
9)Life and career skills (Look for students' interests' and focus them on a work perspective).
10)Productivity and accountability (setting and meeting goals, priorizing needs).
11)Leadership and resposability.
12)Social and cross-cultural skills.
13)Media literacy.
14)Information literacy (IT part).

15)Technological literacy (the use of social media, 21st learning initiatives).

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